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Last Night I Got 16 Wins Out Of 19 Possible Fortnite Games... Should I Retire Forever Now?

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Last night I experienced Fortnite on a level I never thought possible. True level folks. A level so high you can’t see it with your eyes let alone fathom it with your mind. 19 games streamed on Twitch… 16 Victory Royales… 11 straight dubs at one point.



It was a stretch unlike anything I’ve ever seen or felt, and it really seemed like I was playing with the ’01-’03 threepeat Lakers. Shaq Tuna + Dr. Kobe were just out there imposing their will and making a mockery of the sport…

Meanwhile I was doing my best Devlin George impression from the bench and playing good defense, hitting my open shots, but most of all destroying structures with the utmost lack of ammo discipline.

All that winning didn’t get old either, in fact it quite literally increased my Victory Royale thirst exponentially more. I’ve sniffed the mountain top and now it’s the only place I want to be. Not sure what the actual record for Fortnite Squad wins in a row is, but it must be mine. Oh yes, it WILL be mine. The fact that I get to do it with a purely Stoolie Squad makes it even better too.

So come join the fun on Twitch because we have A LOT of exciting things coming up on Gametime, including XBOX games, convention coverage, walkthroughs, previews, throwbacks and more. This week’s schedule is:

Monday – Far Cry 5 and… then Fortnite
Tuesday 2 pm – Sea of Thieves and MVP Baseball 05…. then Fornite
Wednesday 2 pm- Overwatch… then Fortnite
Thursday TBD – Beat The Blockhead… then Fortnite
Friday 3 pm – Madden 18 against a PRO… then Fortnite

Fortnite starts between 7-8 pm each weeknight and although we usually do Stoolie Squads with our Subscribers, let us know if you want to see Solos, Duos, or NO FILL SQUAD in the comments below or on Twitter @StoolGametime

And definitely holla if you want to see Vitamin Smitty take on another 4 hour 20 minute stream moving forward. He loves talking to his fans…

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