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Breaking: Sean Taylor's Murderer Sentenced to 57 Years in Prison


Miami Herald - The man convicted of murdering former University of Miami football star Sean Taylor six years ago was sentenced Thursday to 57.5 years in prison. [ ] 23, of Ft. Myers, was found guilty of shooting Taylor during a botched burglary in Palmetto Bay. Jurors in November convicted Rivera of second-degree murder for the November 2007 slaying of Taylor, the Washington Redskins star safety who starred at UM and Gulliver Preparatory School. Prosecutors said [he] shot and killed Taylor when he and four pals – not believing the football star was home – broke into his house looking to steal cash from the master bedroom. Taylor, who had been sleeping alongside his girlfriend and their young daughter, surprised the group as Rivera kicked in the bedroom door, authorities said. [ ], who admitted to shooting Taylor during a video-taped confession to Miami-Dade homicide detectives, was initially charged with first-degree murder. But jurors – who deliberated 16 hours over four days – could not agree unanimously that [ ] pulled the trigger. Instead, he was convicted of second-degree murder without a firearm and armed burglary. Three of the other four accused men have pleaded not guilty, and are awaiting trial. The fourth pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is serving 29 years in prison.

Sean Taylor was the best. Played with the passion and skill every other player could only dream of playing with. Ruthless out there. When the Skins were on D, you just watched Sean. Was not only the heart and soul of the team, but of Redskins Nation. Was, and still is, impossible to find a fan who didn’t love him. Cowboys fans respected the hell out of him. And he was taken from the world and his family way, way too soon. 57 years is not enough for the coward who did this, but I’m glad his family finally has justice and can take another step towards finding peace.