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Here's A Video That Will Instantly Clear Up Your Sunday Scaries

Incredible. Just incredible. A plot twist that would make M. Night Shyamalan blush. It looked bad for a minute. It looked real bad. It looked like Jason was about to get his ass ripped in front of all those people for making a sub-par burger. I’m honestly shocked we didn’t see Jason sprint out the back door when the kid yelled, “WHO MADE THIS BURGER?!” and the place fell dead silent. At that moment, I was ready for anything. Anything was on the table. I was ready for the kid to throw the burger at Jason. I was ready for a bloody brawl to break out.

And then……….pure magic. There was a beat then, “JASON YOU KILLIN IT MAN!” and the place erupted with cheers. Positive pandemonium. What a relief. Jason went from thinking he was gonna get verbally abused to being applauded like the burger-making hero he is. I was stunned. I’m still stunned. The kid could’ve pulled down his pants and took a shit on the counter and I would’ve been less stunned. What a moment. What a beautiful moment.


If that didn’t clear up your Sunday Scaries, sorry for the false advertising.