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This Kid Not Charging The Mound Here Is Flat Out Inexcusable

I’ve seen Manny Ramirez charge the mound after Roger Clemens threw a pitch slightly high out of the strike zone, so this kid not at least taking a few steps toward the pitcher here after getting plunked in between the shoulders is questionable at the minimum. Not even to start an all out brawl or anything crazy, just to let him know, “Hey man, it’s not my fault the ump granted me time so late into your delivery. Peg blue in the chest protector if you have beef with anyone here, friend. I just wanted to make sure my arms weren’t too tense to pull off this attempted hit-and-run.”

Alright, that’s enough of this take. Since we’re on the subject of baseball fights there’s something I want to put in writing that I’ve said on Section 10 and probably on Mickstape but never put down on internet paper before. MLB fights would become 100 times more entertaining if the bullpens started fighting in the outfield rather than slightly jogging into the infield, reaching the mayhem at the stage where cooler heads have begun to prevail and it’s devolved essentially to just shouting. The umpires have no plan for breaking up the infield squabble, dusting their hands in a sign of a job well done, only to turn their attention to the outfield and see a much more severe melee going down 300-feet away. Some all time missed opportunities in baseball fisticuff history by these opposing bullpens running shoulder to shoulder towards a dust up rather than squaring off in deep center.