I See Your Boston Marathon Bomber Costume And Raise You Two British Broads Who Won Competition Dressed As Flaming Twin Towers


ENGLAND – Two female students have outraged the families of 9/11 victims by entering a nightclub fancy dress competition dressed as the Twin Towers being hit by planes. Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, both 19, won the contest at a Chester nightclub despite lampooning the worst terrorist attack in modern history. Miss Langford, who is studying biology at the University of Chester, and Miss Collinge, who is studying criminology, wore costumes modelled on the North and South Towers, which were wreathed in flames and even had victims jumping from windows. Despite their tasteless costumes, they won the ‘best-dressed’ award at a Halloween party hosted by Rosies nightclub in Chester and were handed a £150 prize.

What a delightful duo of chaps, which I’m just going to assume is English vernacular for cunts. Hey, I’m all for pushing the envelope when it comes to Halloween. You want to dress up like a priest being blown by a kid or an assassinated JFK with bloody Jackie? Not exactly my cup of tea, but it’s a free country. Hell I even saw someone dressed as Jerry Sandusky walking around with his fist up an doll’s ass this year. As long as you don’t roll out in blackface you should be good go. But terrorist attacks that kill, injure and affect so many people should probably be given a generational grace period before being whipped out on Halloween.

And it’s not even really the fact that they sported these costumes, it’s that they won the entire competition. Guess those blokes don’t want any help the next time they need their asses saved. Damn country was like Luc Longley just riding the wave in our Back To Back World War Titles.

Sidenote: North Tower can GET IT. Don’t need airplanes with those bombs already locked and loaded.