Paul O'Neill Continues To Be My Favorite Person on the Planet in the YES Network Broadcast Crew Hype Video

First off we now have the best gif ever made. I don’t know what situations to use it in yet, but I know it’s perfect.

Paul O’Neill is a national treasure. I don’t care what fan you are, you have to love O’Neill. I think Dave even said in the past you have to love him no matter what. That gif of Paul about to fuck your day up has me glued to my screen mesmerized. I’m going to overuse that on Twitter and I don’t give a rat’s ass about it. Pauly’s outbursts back in the day are some of the best.


And then we have Kenny Singleton adjusting his glasses and the hands it’s all there. You want to talk about a dynamic duo you don’t want to trifle with? Singleton and O’Neill are right at the top.

Michael Kay being a complete tool. He one ups himself every time he’s on camera.

And then Kay’s head being the largest thing ever known to this planet

It simply defies logic. That thing must weight 50 pounds by itself. Also is Bob Lorenz on a segway? I think Bob Loren is on a segway.

At the end of the day there’s no broadcast team like the YES Network and no one puts out the videos like the YES Network has been the last few days as we ramp up for opening day. Next Thursday baby, inject it into my goddamn veins. Yankees baseball.