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Bonzi Wells 1994-95 Ball State MAC Basketball Championship Ring Is Currently On EBay For $850 And You Only Have 3 Hours Left To Snag It









Deal of a lifetime or deal of a lifetime? Just close your eyes and let me paint you a picture (but also keep them open because you have to still read for the picture). You walk into a bar, a smoking hot chick is in the corner being hit on by some guy with washboard abs and All American good looks. Whoa, how could you ever compete? Then you pull your hand out of your pocket, see the shimmer of that beautiful 25 year old maroon gem and realize oh yeah, I own Bonzi Wells 1994-95 MAC Championship Basketball ring. Your confidence soars, you walk over to the young lady and beefy guy, show them the ring, ask her for her number and there it is. Flash forward 20 minutes and you’re humping this chick in the back of your car while she screams your name in pleasure*. End Scene.


Sound like something that could happen? Only if you buy this ring.



*Eating salty popcorn by yourself by the bar bathroom watching some shitty TV while you drink rail whiskey and coke wondering why you spent 850 dollars on a ring once owned by Bonzi fucking Wells.


h/t devin