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Barstool Gametime Featuring Jaguars Stud CB AJ Bouye And Big Cat

Watch Teach Smitty Fortnite Vol. 8: The Addiction Has Won from barstoolsports on

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Oh, what’s that? Just one of the NFL’s brightest young talents and the Biggest Cat on this side of the Atlantic hopping on Barstool Gametime for a little Call Of Duty action. Time to nut up and squad up with the big boys. Having Bouye is an obvious treat, but Game Cat is FINALLY here to play, and he’s not backing down with his shotty. And neither should you. We’ll be kicking off around 2:30(ish) so stay tuned.

Maybe we’ll even dabble into a little Friday Fortnite action with AJ after ridding the world of the Nazi plague in Call Of Duty. And by maybe I mean definitely. This addiction can’t feed itself. I’m out of retirement baby and I’m loving every minute of it!!!