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A Dumbass Kangaroo Tried To Fight A Pin Flag

I actually can’t decide if the kangaroo was trying to fight the flag or not. At the beginning, it most certainly looks like he’s trying to fight the flag. He’s trying to work that flag like a speed bag. He wants to beat the shit outta that flag. But then it morphs into genuine curiosity. A curiosity that will forever go unfulfilled because he has such short arms. Kangaroos are cursed with little T-Rex arms. Teeny tiny little arms. You don’t realize what a burden that would be until you come across an awesome looking flag. An awesome looking flag just flapping in the wind in all of its glory. Just tempting that poor kangaroo. I’ve flipped. I’m on the kangaroo’s side. I called him a dumbass in the title and for that I want to apologize. Whoever filmed that video should’ve helped and made the kangaroo’s dream come true.

#NeverForget tho