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Scientists Claim This Obvious Alien Corpse was a 6-Year-Old Human Girl

SourceAta is just six inches tall, with a conical-shaped head and unusually hard bones for her size. Some have claimed that she’s an alien. But a new study published today in the journal Genome Research not only continues to disprove the alien theory, but also reveals a scientific explanation for her allegedly extraterrestrial appearance.

The debate started in 2003 when the naturally mummified remains of Ata were discovered near a ghost town in Chile’s Atacama Desert. … Ata is only as long as a human fetus. But a radiologist who analyzed the images said that Ata’s bones were about as mature as those of a human six-year-old.

[I]mmunologist Garry Nolan at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif … sequenced Ata’s DNA and concluded that her genetic material was from a human being, not an alien. But he couldn’t explain how such a small person could exhibit her unusual physical appearance. …


“The alien hype was silly pseudoscience promoted for media attention,” says paleoanthropologist and anatomist William Jungers, an emeritus professor at Stony Brook University Medical Center. “This paper puts that nonsense and poor little Ata to bed.” …

All humans—Ata included—can have many different genetic mutations. But usually only one of these mutations actually causes a child’s disease. It’s “virtually unheard of” for seven mutations to be involved … Nolan disagrees: “That poor child unfortunately rolled the dice seven times snake eyes,” he says.

You what is the toughest job in the world? Being an alien debunker. Because time and time again in the face of overwhelming evidence of their existence, you have to come with ordinary-sounding explanations for the highly extraordinary.

Hold on. Let me rephrase that. You know what is the easiest job in the world? Being an alien debunker. Because time and time again you are allowed to pull completely implausible explanations out your ass and the public just decides it’s “science” and goes along.

UFOs being seen all over the place? People are crazy! UFOs being seen by decidedly non-crazy people like Air Force officers, airline pilots and radar installations? Weather balloons! Area 51? Area 51 doesn’t exist! Well now it does, but it’s just for defense projects! 10,000 cattle mutilations with very specific, precision-cut wounds, organs removed and no blood? Coyotes! Or cult rituals! A six-inch long humanoid with elongated head, almond-shaped eyes and 12 ribs instead of eight? The saddest little girl in Chile because she had a bad run at the genetics craps table!

By what scientific standard can Dr. Nolan’s explanation make sense? I’m not saying the good people of Chile were the Spartans in 300, tossing all slightly imperfect babies off a cliff at birth. But we’re supposed to believe that a rustic, desert people would have the medicine, motivation or resources to nurse a six inch little girl to her 6th birthday? Who were her parents? Roger Smith and Mr. Meeseeks? And that somehow a human with Ata’s attributes would never be known to the world until she was found accidentally? If somebody like this was around today, she’d either be the mascot for some Major League team or be doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. Maybe both. The point is, we would’ve know about Ata by now if she was an actual homo sapiens.

But go ahead. Believe this fiction put forth by these brilliant university researchers. But just because they are super intelligent educated scientists and maybe among the best in their fields and I’m a guy from a state school who writes blogs in my slippers all day doesn’t make them right and me wrong. And when Ata’s real relatives finally announce their presence and destroy us all, the joke will be on you and the alien debunkers.