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Quick Shifts 3/23: The Most Bizarre Goal In The History Of The NHL Was Scored Last Night

::Link to Streamable if YouTube doesn’t work::

First of all, decided to go with the Tomas Plekanec look today.

Second of all, like I said in the video, it only makes sense that a goal like this would be scored in a game between the Coyotes and the Hurricanes. Two teams who draw less of an attendance than some high school games. Desperate for people to start taking them seriously. And any time they play it just ends up being a carnival game. I mean the chances of this sequence of events ever happening are probably one in a billion. Yet somehow Carolina and Arizona find a way to get it done.

Puck gets caught in Cam Ward’s right skate. He has no idea where it goes. Just tries to get back in the net, swings his skate past the goal line and we have a good goal called on the ice. Granted, the play probably should have been whistled dead once the puck was trapped in his skate but nobody had any idea what was going on there because nobody has seen anything like that ever before. A bizarro goal for a bizarro matchup. Luckily for Carolina, they still end up getting the win. Not that it really matters to either of these teams. Carolina is 7 points out of a playoff spot in the East but they’d still have to jump past the Panthers and/or the Devils/Flyers to get into one of those wild card spots. Probably not gonna happen.


Scores From Around The League, Thursday 3/22:

  • Rangers 3 @ Flyers 4 — PHI -210
  • Coyotes 5 @ Hurricanes 6 — CAR -190
  • Panthers 0 @ Blue Jackets 4 — CBJ -145
  • Lightning 7 @ Islanders 6 — TBL -185
  • Oilers 6 @ Senators 2 — EDM -135
  • Capitals 1 @ Red Wings 0 — WSH -170
  • Maple Leafs 5 @ Predators 2 — TOR +135
  • Canucks 5 @ Blackhawks 2 — VAN +150
  • Kings 7 @ Avalanche 1 — LAK +100
  • Golden Knights 1 @ Sharks 2 (OT) — SJS -155

NHL Schedule Tonight, Friday 3/23:

  • Canadiens -115 @ Sabres -105 (7pm)
  • Devils +170 @ Penguins -200 (7pm)
  • Ducks +127 @ Jets -147 (8pm)
  • Canucks +245 @ Blues -300 (8pm)
  • Bruins -103 @ Stars -117 (8:30pm)