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Justin Bieber Gets Caught In A RIDICULOUS Twenty-Point Turn Trying To Back His Lamborghini Out Of A Parking Spot At His Mega Church

*start at 0:39

Source - In this third (and hopefully) final installment of “Justin Bieber struggles backing out his Lamborghini,” we find out how many people it takes to pull off a 5-point turn.

Justin was worshiping Wednesday night at Saban Theatre in Bev Hills … where once again he decided driving his Lambo was the way to go. Ciara and Russell Wilson also showed up, and Justin parked his whip behind theirs.

As service ended, Justin’s struggles were about to begin. You see Justin trying to map out how to back out of a driveway that’s truly been a thorn in his side.

You know who’s cooler than Justin Bieber? Every single person who can back out of a parking spot straight. What an embarrassment. Up until this video I thought it was impossible to look uncool driving a Lamborghini. Joke’s on me. I take solace in the fact that no matter what happens in my life, I will always be a better driver than Justin Bieber. It would be one thing if the driveway was dark and curved but it was a straight shot lit up by a thousand flashing bulbs. There’s no excuse. It’s like his driving teacher Austin Powers.


Have one of your minions back out the car. Use the church’s valet service. Do literally anything other than what you did. I get that he probably has fifty cars and this is the first time he’s driven his baby blue Lambo but it’s still no excuse. All it takes is the tiniest bit of spatial awareness to be able to back out of a parking space. If you don’t have that then you shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Period.

It’s a tough look for Bieber. Very beta. If’ I were him I’d retire from driving altogether and buy a helicopter. That’s the only way he can recover. Besides, Kobe Bryant swears by it.

There’s something universally frustrating about watching someone try to park and fail. And bad as Bieber was there are people out there who are MUCH worse. Like this lady. Enjoy: