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If You Had To Live One Sporting Day Over and Over, What Would It Be?

I’m having withdrawals today. Massive ones. A week ago at this time, HQ was an insane asylum. Basketball was being played before I even ate lunch. People were losing thousands of dollars. Bud Lights were being crushed. Degenerate gamblers were born. (Shout out Carrabis. We’re in this together). Tommy Smokes was on a meteoric rise to being the best PxP voice of all time. And hopes of going to Vegas for DP41 were still alive. (Well, except mine. OU killed my dreams of taking residence at blackjack table in the first game of the entire thing. That’s what I get for drafting a team from Oklahoma.)

I’ve been to the NCAA tournament before and still have never seen anything like what I witnessed at Barstool in my first week on the payroll. I’m serious. These people are maniacs. The highest highs and the lowest lows I’ve ever seen. Plus, I got sucked into gambling halfway through my third full day in the office. That shit is addicting and I have Barstool to thank for it.

Today? Outside of Tex and Big Cat exchanging words next to my desk, some wild stalker talk and bad ass new golf gear being released, it’s been pretty quiet. If it’s possible to have a snow day hangover, I have one. (Maybe it’s an actual hangover, but I’ll blame anything other than my lack of self control when I can.)

I need the Sweet 16 to tip and I need it now. The only things keeping me going today is that 1) I can get my new found gambling fix and 2) there’s a possibility my Alma-mater beats Pres’ Alma-mater on his birthday. What a savage move that would be. (Happy Birthday though, Dave!)

So this got me thinking. What are my favorite days in sports? It’s not necessarily the same order as my favorite sporting events individually, either. Basically I asked myself: If I was Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, which day would I not want to drop a toaster in the bathtub if I had to relive it over and over?


1. First weekend of March Madness (4 days of constant games to stay entertained by.)

2. The Super Bowl (Football, booze, food and the distant hope that there’s another wardrobe malfunction at halftime.)

3. Masters Sunday (A tradition unlike any other. This is #1 on my bucket list, easily.)

4. Opening weekend of CFB (College football is BACK and we can see who is actually good, despite the usually wildly inaccurate pre-season polls.)

5. CFB Playoffs (EXPAND THEM)

*Honorable mentions: Any weekend of the NFL playoffs and USMNT in the World Cup (but of course, they didn’t qualify for 2018 and that really stinks).

Whatever your reasoning is, it’s a legit debate to have on a slow day like today. Plus, it’s subjective. AKA: I won’t use some garbage metrics system to find answers nobody agrees with. (Sup, ESPN?)

Whatcha got??