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Sorry, Neighbors: The New Mr. Rogers Movie Looks Like It's Gonna Be A Nerd Fest

First of all, when I saw that there was going to be a new Mr. Rogers movie, I was excited. I love Mr. Rogers. Our Big Neighbor has a voice that is more soothing than a pile of Vick’s Vapor Rub on your chest on a cold winter’s night.

I was excited to see who was going to play Mr Rogers. If I was casting, directing, and producing the film, I would have Ed Norton play Mr. Rogers. I’d have Ed lose a couple of pounds, throw on a dynamite sweater, pick up some shoes from the local Dollar General, and have the set designer make some low-quality puppets and we’d be cooking with gas. Of course, there would need to be a train set too. We all know that. Choo Choo, kangaroos. I’d cast the mailman as Tom Hanks. People would be surprised too. At this stage of his career, Tom Hanks doesnt usually take a lesser role in a film but it’s really a testament to who Fred Rogers was. Tom would be rewarded for his efforts. An Oscar nom. Incredible. Of course, I’d win a few Golden Men as well but this isnt about me. It’s about Fred Rogers and his life.


But, they didn’t do that. They basically spliced some youtube clips together and made a documentary. Yawn. Here’s some clips of Mr Rogers fuckering about from years past. Watch these clips and skip out on the Wont You Be My Neighbor documentary.

Once it comes out, I’ll write another blog giving my review because this documentary is a must watch for me and all Neighbors.

(Side note: watching that clip about divorce just helped get over my parent’s divorce. I’m 35 and it happened 19 years ago. Mr Rogers,,,, Thank you. It wasnt my fault.)