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Sidney Crosby Scored A Pretty Okay Goal Last Night. Nothing More, Nothing Less

Right now my mentions on Twitter are filled with a couple of things. 1) People telling me that Ryan Donato is the biggest young star in the league despite having only played 2 games in the show so far. And 2) Pittsburgh people begging me to blog about this Crosby goal from last night. The issue I have with that?

I don’t really know if this goal was anything too out of the ordinary.

Now stick with me here. There are 23 players on an NHL roster. Multiply that by 31 and you get 713. So there are 713 players in the NHL at any given moment. For, I’d say, 700 of those players this would for sure be qualified as an unbelievable goal. It would easily be placed in their top 10 goals of their career. But that’s just not the case for Sidney Crosby. This isn’t a Crosby hate blog by any means, however, I realize that people from Pittsburgh are much too dumb to actually read what I have to say and they’ll just see the headlines and call me a “jag off” over and over again. Then I’ll have Mark Madden’s fat ass calling me “Amateur Hour” between his insulin shots.


The point of this blog is that Sidney Crosby is ridiculous. He’s one of the greatest talents the game has ever seen. The only downside to being that good is that you set the bar ridiculously high for yourself. Crosby’s been in the league for over 10 years now. We’ve seen him score plenty of absurd goals throughout his career. This one just didn’t move the needle for me. I’m not saying that any bender can hop on the ice and do what Sid just did there. But putting his hand-eye coordination on display? That’s just what we’ve come to expect out of Sidney Crosby. But everywhere you look, it seems like Sidney Crosby did something we’ve never even seen before.


Goal of the year? Yeah… not quite. Again, it was a very nice goal. Definitely shows the skill level that Crosby possesses.  I just think we’ve seen better goals out of a 16-year-old Sidney Crosby before is all.