Trump And Bros Meet With Saudi Crown Prince; No Chicks Allowed!

NY Times- When President Trump met on Tuesday with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, a year after he first hosted the prince at the White House, something was missing. Women.

Photos from Tuesday’s meeting show that the dynamics at the table remained relatively unchanged since the last meeting, and persistently male. After years of American foreign policy that has pushed for human rights, such a stark absence of women — and minorities — could send a symbolic message to the ultraconservative country known for its oppression of women and religious minorities.

Saudi leaders have loosened some restrictions on women in the country, including undoing a longtime ban on allowing women to drive. But the country is still considered to be heavily oppressive toward women.

Classic libtards over at the New York Times taking issue with a men-only meeting. If they actually cared to do some real research, maybe they’d realize that this is the ONLY way this meeting can happen.


Allow me to mansplain for a moment. Saudi Arabia is a country in the Middle East. I understand that the term “Middle East” is confusing. How can a place be both middle… and east? Instead of worrying about it, make yourself a mimosa. Now, the Middle East is a region of the world where Islam is super popular. Did you see Aladdin? It’s like that, except the only carpets that fly are when the carpet dealer has a sale down at the bazaar. A bazaar is an outdoor marketplace. Have you ever been to Whole Foods? lol of course you have. Just like that except the meat is covered in flies.

Everybody is into Islam over there: it’s like the tamagotchi of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is probably the most conservative Islamic nation in the region, as it holds the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Every year, millions of Muslims make the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca. A pilgrimage is when a bunch of people take a trip somewhere. Remember the pilgrims? Thanksgiving? Like that, except way less fun. No turkey, no yams, no grandma. Instead, millions of people shaking the sand out of their sandals, shitting in portapotties that stew in the 115-degree dessert heat, prostrating themselves before the Grand Mosque. Know what a mosque is? It’s a church for people who wear sandals.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.25.01 AM

As far as mosques go, buddy,,, it’s big. Anyway, we’re getting a little off-topic here. Sorry about that–when I mansplain I let my imagination run because I know women prefer stories with pictures.

The point I was trying to get to is that Saudi Arabia has a rich history of treating women poorly. Want to take a drive down to the bazaar to check out that carpet sale? Until last year, that wouldn’t have been possible. Want to have an affair with your neighbor? Gather your rocks, kids–we’ve got ourselves a stone-able offense! (Admittedly, it’s tough to get stoned these days in the kingdom. You either have to confess to your crime 4 times in court, or 4 pious Muslim men who witnessed the sex must testify against you. And they have to have witnessed the act by accident.)

Regardless, Saudi men might be put off by the presence of a woman at a White House meeting. President Trump and his team of guys being dudes clearly did their research and, out of respect, said “no chicks allowed!” Inviting women to this meeting would be like serving a bacon sandwiches at a meeting with the Israelis. Make your guests comfortable!