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Jack Dorsey Think Bitcoin Will Become A Global Currency Within 10 Years

BTC - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has gone on record with his most daring support of Bitcoin yet, saying it will become the world’s “single currency.”Speaking to the Times while in London promoting his pro-crypto payment platform Square, Dorsey said a global “shift” towards cryptocurrency could happen sooner than 2028. 

“The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency,” he said. “I personally believe that it will be Bitcoin.”

Remember those few weeks when Bitcoin was fun? Ah, the good ol’ days. When we were swimming with money. Nothing could go wrong! And then, whoops! 50% decrease later, life is significantly less fun and fruitful in the crypto streets. But I haven’t waivered. I’ve said it since day 1- I’m either flying this ship to the moon, or going down with this ship. It keeps dipping, and I keep on buying. I don’t know when I’m going to cash out, but I certainly don’t think the end is near for Bitcoin.


And why?

I think it just makes too much sense. The entire world is digital now, and we’re moving more digital by the day. We don’t even realize it, but things get more like Black Mirror as the days go by. It started simply- you don’t write letters, you send email. When email started, people really said “why would you send an email when you can send a letter?” Then wealth of information started spreading over the World Wide Web, and people said “The Internet? I can find all that information in books!”. Music, movies, apps for transportation- all of the things we use most in life, all the things we value the most, are electronic. And not just that, but global. And I think that’s the important thing about Bitcoin- it’s global. When governments are being overthrown and economies are crashing in countries, Bitcoin is still the same.

Local currencies still make sense, but in a world connected via the digital world, having one standard currency just makes sense. We’re not even that big of a planet, it’s not that far fetched. So I’ll keep holding and buying and hoping to one day be rich.

Orrrrrr this will be me:

Whichever, who cares? Sun’s gonna explode anyway.