Amazon Releases Trailer For 8-Part Docuseries, Which Cost Them $2+ Million, Chronicling Michigan's 8-5 2017 Season

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Yesterday, Amazon Prime released their trailer for #AllOrNothing: The Michigan Wolverines.

The Detriot News-The behind-the-scenes look at the Michigan football program’s 2017 season, beginning with the team’s week-long trip to Rome last April, through preseason camp, the regular season and bowl game, will launch on Amazon Prime Video on April 6.


There are eight episodes that run close to an hour and one episode of bonus features, and Amazon Prime will be releasing all at once for prime binge watching, it was announced Tuesday.

So, this looks awesome. I will probably binge the entire season in a day. Amazon has done some awesome stuff in the past with the Arizona Cardinals. Expectations were high for Michigan last year and you factor in Jim Harbaugh into that equation Amazon was sure to have a great season to chronicle.

The project was produced in partnership with Jim Jordan Productions, The Montag Group and BTN originals. Michigan was paid $2.25 million for the all-access peek into the world of the football program, and it was earmarked for the renovations at Schembechler Hall, including the new weight room.

$2.25 million plus production costs are a big investment, but it’s Amazon we are talking about here. Jeff Bezos wipes his ass with $100 bills. Also, Michigan was sure to return on the investment! Right? I mean look at the trailer…it looks like Michigan had themselves an all-time season.

Turns out that Michigan ended up finishing 8-5 with a swift three losses to end the season. The last loss was to South Carolina in a game they were up 19-3 in. Not great!

The eight-part series will still be phenomenal. It would’ve been better if Harbaugh delivered on preseason expectations, but there are more than a few storylines that will emerge. First of all, they have Harbaugh, who is always much watch TV:


Also, what the hell happened to JT Barrett before the OSU game? Was it an Amazon camera that injured him?

Academic advisors talking to football players like they are 8-years old is always fun to watch:


My favorite part of every TV docuseries that follows major football programs is when they shove the “STUDENT-athlete” part in your face. Yeah, nice try to make it seem like these kids aren’t missing classes ever. It’s 2018, your USSR like propaganda won’t work on us!!!

I bet Amazon stopped recording by this point, but the more info we can get on the infamous 11:50 AM on a Monday DUI the better:

The series comes out on April 6th.

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