Peyton Manning Arrested On Drug Charges In Nashville (The 18 Year Old Girl One)





NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A traffic stop in south Nashville Sunday night turned into a drug bust and the arrest of a woman with the same name as star quarterback Peyton Manning. According to an affidavit, police pulled over Manning, 18, and Kenneth Sowards on Elm Hill Pike near Briley Parkway because their high beams were on in traffic. Manning was behind the wheel while Sowards, who owns the vehicle, was in the passenger seat, police said. Officers noticed a marijuana odor coming from the car and Sowards, also 18, gave police verbal permission to search it.

The affidavit states two plastic baggies with a white powdery substance inside were found floating in a cup of Coca-Cola sitting in the console. The substance field tested positive for cocaine. In the back of the vehicle police found containers of marijuana, a digital scale, and a pill crusher. Manning’s and Sowards’ phones had messages on them about cocaine use and narcotic transactions, according to arrest warrants.




Have to respect the father of Peyton Manning here. 1996, Wife has a kid, hoping for a boy, wind up with a girl, fuck it, we’re still going to name her after Peyton Manning even though he’s just a sophomore at Tennessee. Solid name is a solid name. Let everyone know where your fan allegiance lies. So what if that means your kid will be blasted on the news across the country for a routine traffic/drug stop 18 years in the future because she’s a chick named Peyton Manning. Not your problem is it. She’s the one who decided to be a girl like an idiot.