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Burn 90 Seconds Of Your Day By Watching This Epic Badminton Rally

Badminton is definitely one of those sports that gets a bad wrap because the people that made and market the game fucked it up. Every time I watch one of those highlights, I am enthralled. Enough quick twitch muscles to give scouts of real sports boners for days. But if you have a piece of equipment known as a shuttlecock, your game is instantly a joke. If you then include that the rackets have weird metallic grips that always feel weird and you realize why badminton never gets ANY play at a party despite somehow getting put up every single time. The people at Big Ping Pong and Big Volleyball saw this weakness and have since ruled as king and queen of the net game industry while badminton is some weirdo spectator sport in foreign countries.

Also I don’t think I would talk to my teammate for a month if she just let that point fall to the ground untouched. Get a racket up, take a shuttlecock slap to the face, do SOMETHING. Don’t be afraid of the shuttlecock. Once that rally hits 80 or so shots, it becomes bigger than the match. I don’t know or care who the fuck won the match, because again, it’s badminton. But I know that the blue team is a better team because they had the mental fortitude to win that point.