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I Absolutely Cannot Wait For This New Football League To Put The NFL Out Of Business

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ESPN - While Vince McMahon promises to bring back a revamped XFL in 2020, a son of McMahon’s partner in the original short-lived XFL venture said his football league will come first. And some big NFL names will be involved.

Charlie Ebersol, who directed a documentary on the XFL that aired last year as part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series, announced Tuesday that his league, the Alliance of American Football, plans to debut Feb. 9, 2019, the week after Super Bowl LIII. The season will run 10 weeks and will have 50-man teams.

While McMahon’s league is backed by McMahon’s money, Ebersol’s league is backed by others, including former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and The Chernin Group, which, among other investments, owns a significant share of Barstool Sports.

“I think where businesses like this fail is that they expect to have ludicrous and unrealistic ticket and media deal projections in Year 1,” Ebersol said. “Our investors here understand that it’s a 7-10-year plan.”

Unlike McMahon, whose announcement came without a media plan, Charlie Ebersol said that his league, made up of players who didn’t make the cut for the NFL, will have the initial contest and the championship game on CBS and one game a week on CBS Sports Network. Other games will be available on the league’s app, which Ebersol said promises to integrate live fantasy play into the broadcasts.


Oh. Fuck. Yes!

This is EXACTLY what the world needs. I, for one, am so sick the NFL. I barely watched anything other than Redskins games last year because the product is SO BAD. The players are criminals, the owners are corrupt, and the play on the field has never been worse. And don’t get me started on how long the games last. It’s a fucking snooze fest. I don’t have 3 hours to dedicate to anything, nevermind a Browns vs Chargers game. No fucking thank you.


So thankfully someone had the idea to challenge the NFL. Introducing: The Alliance of American Football.

Brilliant name, first of all. Secondly, the games will be on the app, which is a genius idea. You won’t have to sit on your couch to watch a game, you can be on the go, at the mall, in the car, babysitting your kids, wherever. With so many people cutting cords and getting rid of television, the AAF realizes games on apps is the future, and I’m HERE FOR IT.

And the best news- NO KICKERS! If I have to watch one more kickoff have the ball sail through the end zone and result in a touchback, and then go right to commercial, I will put a bullet in my brain. Thank GOD we won’t have to deal with that nonsense anymore.

This league has the NFL officially on notice. I cannot wait for it. So smart. So good. Fewer commercials. More great stories. And the promise of great football. Next Spring can’t come soon enough. #PrayForTheNFL