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Flyers May Have Gotten SPANKED But Dammit If I Don't Respect Ray Emery Instigating A Good Ol' Fashioned Goalie Fight

Hextallesque. But off to one of the worst seasons in franchise history and getting cock swindled 7-0 by Washington? Fugget about it. BROAD STREET BULLIES BABY! YEAH!!!! Dammit if I don’t respect the heart and toughness this team brings year in and year out that represents this city perfectly, but I’m fucking tired of losing representing this city perfectly, too. Hopefully this line brawl is some sort of a catalyst towards, you know, winning.

Also, our basketball team is 2-0. Hey Sixers, YOU HAD ONE JOB!!! Only in Philadelphia can a team fuck up tanking a season.

PS – Wayne Simmonds is slowly climbing up my Philly power rankings. Dude is all heart all the time.