Bill Burr Brilliantly Ad-Libbing NBA Games Alone Guarantees #RnR3 Will Be Legendary


William. Burr. For those of you not familiar, the man is a living legend. I don’t use that term lightly. Bill Burr has been one of the best, funniest comedians in the game for decades both on stage and in the entertainment business. Everything he does KILLS. It doesn’t matter if it’s stand up:

Shooting the shit late night:

Or his heralded Monday Morning Podcast:

0% filter and 100% hilarity. And it’s not like Barstool hasn’t done stuff with Ol’ Billy Gingerballs before. Dave went on the Monday Morning Podcast wayyyyyy back in 2012 in somebody’s kitchen. Bill also joined Barstool in Sirius radio last Summer where he was hit with some hard hitting, Googleable questions such as “Are you married?” and “Is your show on Netflix?”.

To the point of #RnR3 being a must watch – Billy’s dabbled in the art of announcing on the MMP before:

“And the white guy fouled the black guy because what else is he supposed to do, stop him legally?”

Incredible. Portnoy. Katz. Burr. This is really going to be the stuff of legends.

My shoulder is still shredded from #RnR2, but I may have to reenter my name in #RnR3 just to have Bill Burr call my victory…or more likely death. The CTE still hasn’t settled from last time and the post fight interview.

Whatever. Still worth it. Only in America, baby. Only in America.