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I Hate This Guy Who Says He's Trying To Collect Every VHS Copy Of The Movie "Speed" Ever Made

speed main

Yahoo!- This man has a serious need for “Speed.” Ryan Beitz, of Pullman, Wash., is trying to collect every single copy of the movie “Speed” ever made on VHS. He’s calling his efforts “The World Speed Project,” and already owns more than 550 copies of the 1994 movie starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock trying to save a bus from exploding. “I realized it was really fascinating to have that many, like, same copies of a thing,” Beitz told Vice.com of his unusual endeavor. “What really cemented it was when I went to another pawn shop, and they had, like, 30 copies. I said, ‘I’ll take them all.’ They sold them to me for 11 cents a copy.” Now he’s even running a Kickstarter campaign to fix up his 15-passenger van to look just like the bus in the movie so he can tour the collection around the nation in super “Speed”-style. “I think ‘The World Speed Project’ is awesome in the truest sense of the word,” Beitz explained. “It’s larger than life. Imagine all of them in one place! It’s uncompromising.”

I HATE this guy.  I hate Good Morning America for running a feature on him.  I hate anybody who thinks this is a cool idea.  I hate anybody who contributes a single cent to his stupid Kickstarter account.  I hate all of it.  Why so much hate?  Because it’s just pure lazy.  This guy is one of the pitfalls of the internet.  People can do the stupidest thing in the world nowadays and get attention for it.  It’s one of the negatives about something that is otherwise the greatest invention in human history.  Attempting to collect every VHS copy of the same movie has to be among the stupidest things somebody has done on the internet.  What’s cool about that?  Nothing.  There’s absolutely nothing cool about that. This Ryan Beitz guy just knows that people at a show like GMA will look at what he’s doing, say “Hey that’s whacky!” and put him on camera.  It’s pathetic and a little insulting.  Bro, maybe try getting attention on the internet in a cool way.  Like, I don’t know, starting up a blog about a state that nobody knows or cares about and getting called up to the big leagues by the best blog on the internet.  That’d be something to write home about.  Not this VHS collecting garbage.  A wise man once said “Respect the internet”.  Collecting a bunch of VHS tapes under the guise of it being a Freudian experiment isn’t respecting the internet.  It’s being a talentless asshole with a serious case of the Look At Mes.


Not totally sure you hate this guy yet?  Look at this picture of him.

speed 2

Case closed.

Just for the record, Speed is an awesome movie.