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Proposing to Your Girlfriend While Skydiving Should Lead To An Automatic Rejection

Whenever I see something so stupid like this I always think who on Earth is telling this guy ahead of time that this is a good idea? The moment a woman should have with her for the rest of time is now ruined because the dude wanted to make a viral video. You know how you propose to your girlfriend? Do what Matt Martin did with Sydney Esiason over the weekend. That’s all you need to do.

Don’t be an asshole and yell it while you both are plunging hundreds of feet per second and no one can hear a goddamn thing. There can’t be anything worse than having to repeat yourself in that kind of situation. I was hoping he dropped the ring the entire time because I root for chaos in this scenarios. This woman needed to have some pride and just say no, but she failed us all.

I’m a traditionalist in the sense that when I propose (pray for that poor woman) I’ll do it in my apartment in the privacy of ourselves and I’ll make it super romantic. I’m not very good at sustaining relationships, but I pride myself in surprising a girl with gifts and making special events blow her away. I cannot tell you how far down the list proposing to your girlfriend while sky diving is on my list on proposal ideas. It might be worse than doing it at a baseball game and it really doesn’t get worse than that. The only thing that a baseball game has over this is that upwards of 40,000 people are watching you where at least here it’s just you two for the moment. Still, I can’t believe this guy thought this was a good idea and I can’t believe she didn’t say no. A rejection here would’ve made this the best video of all time.