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Biggest Choke Job Of The Weekend? Virginia Vs. Cincinnati Vs. Tiger Woods…Who Ya Got?


What a weekend! WHAT A WEEKEND! We had arguably the craziest first round in the history of the tournament. We had a #1 seed finally losing to a 16 seed. And not just losing but getting destroyed. We had Cincinnati blowing a 22 point lead with 10 minutes left in the game and then we had the entire country glued to Tiger Woods making a run on the final day of the Arnold Palmer Invitational only to meltdown on the final 3 holes.

So in a weekend of monster chokes this begs the question who had the biggest choke job of the weekend? Here is my board in reverse order.

3. Tiger Woods

The entire country was glued to Tiger making a huge run on Sunday. He pulled all the way within 1 shot of the lead spawning tweets like these.


And then poof he collapsed. He went from being lights out on the back 9 to bogeying 2 of the last 3 holes. He went from 1 shot back to EIGHT BACK! He hit a ball out of bounds. He missed putts. Yes the pressure got to him. All this after he had been lights out the entire back 9. This just proves Tiger is far from back. That he has fragile nerves. That he should wear pink on Sundays instead of Red. That his killer instinct is gone forever.

2. Virginia

How can the first #1 seed ever to lose be #2 on this list? Because Virginia didn’t choke per se. They just got their asses kicked. It was never close down the stretch. They lost by 20 and they were down by 20 the entire game. They just got curb stomped. But still being the first #1 seed ever to lose is worthy of being considered one of the great chokes of all time.

1. Cincy

I’ve never seen anything like that Cincinnati game. I mean to say they were in control of this game would be an understatement. A 22 point lead with 10 minutes to go and it didn’t even feel that close. It might as well have been 40. And yes I was watching every second because I had Nevada moneyline, Nevada +4.5 and the over. I still can’t believe I won all three. (I’m not bragging because I still lost almost everything else) I mean how do you blow that? I have no idea. By far the biggest collapse I’ve ever seen and yes that includes the 28-3 game. This was just unbelievable.