It Is Absolutely Hilarious Syracuse is in the Sweet 16

First of all, I can’t process how Reags blogged the ending of that game so quickly. It honestly is illogical.

Secondly, it is HILARIOUS Syracuse just did what they did in an essential road game against Michigan State. Having that game in Detroit was a joke and every single person in there was rooting like hell for State. Syracuse could not get one rebound to save their lives. Not one. At one point the only way we were getting a change of possession in our favor was a shot clock violation. Their hands are legit stones when it comes to securing a board. On offense we were tough to watch and that’s been the case all year. We have three players that have a basketball IQ. Three.


Paschal Chukwu DID NOT try to lay this in the hoop. Didn’t think he could nail that one foot wide open layup.

Michigan State just could not find the bottom of the basket. What Syracuse is doing to these high powered offense they’re running into is insane. ASU, TCU, and now Michigan State had no answer for it. Every single year these teams play Cuse and have absolutely no idea what a 2-3 zone is. They’re just perplexed by the notion that it’s a thing. I do not get it. Syracuse just won a game against a 3 seed, one of the best 3 seeds we’ve seen in a while, with a walk on turned scholarship player playing the final six minutes of the game. Braedon Bayer was out there busting his balls, diving on the floor for jump balls and was a big part in winning this game.

Jimmy Fucking Boeheim man. How does he take this horrendous team and put them in the Sweet 16? The final team in the tourney does not want to leave just yet. Congrats on Vegas Clem dog! You only picked Cuse out of pure spite to me and I don’t hate that move one bit.


Clem is going to dominate at Wet Republic, I cannot wait.