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A New Prospect Has Risen To The Top Of My Draft Board

Folks,, you simply cannot teach that type of breakaway speed. Those two started off at the exact same point and all my man in the Jayson Tatum jersey did was put 5 yards between them with every single stride. His frame needs to fill out a little bit more to sustain the snap to snap punishment of the NFL, but as one of the youngest prospects in this class you’d assume that shouldn’t be too much of a problem with an NFL strength and conditioning program at his disposal. You also have to be very impressed with his vision to locate the holes at the line and then accelerate at the next level, pushing past the safeties and scampering into the end zone for 6. If Trent Richardson had this vision he’d still be in the League right now no question about it.

Also, I’m taking this cop completely off my big board. Play through the whistle, man. Until it’s blown dead you keep your man wrapped up because if you don’t you’re likely to let up big time, momentum shifting plays like this. Trying to arm tackle in college barely works, it certainly wont hold up at the next level. It’s already tough enough for traditional linebackers to get noticed and stand out in the ever-changing landscape of NFL defenses and this guy did himself no favors whatsoever. UDFA, maybe a practice squad guy if he can clean up some of his mechanics.


We’ve only had one other prospect in this class face the same competition this season. And their tape didn’t look nearly as compelling as Tatum’s, which is why I’ve moved him directly to the top of my Draft board.