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Jordan Poole Hits Three At The Buzzer To Send Michigan To The Sweet 16

This goddamn Tournament is officially off the rails and it’s awesome. This game was in no way great in the sense of what was happening on the court. It was a close game, but there was some horrendous officiating, roughly 452 reviews and Brad Nessler may have been napping the entire game. But, it’s March, which means we see craziness.

Jordan Poole, a freshman who didn’t score in the second half, hit the game winner to give Michigan the 64-63 win. Michigan makes another Sweet 16 after a pretty ridiculous late season run. Last year we know all about the plane accident heading to the Big 10 Tournament and then winning 4 games in a row. This year, Michigan won 4 games in a row in the Big 10 Tournament, only to make another Sweet 16.

But what was fascinating about this play was listening to Beilein after the game. He talked about how there were 3 different options and kept mentioning how you could get at least two dribbles off. That’s part of what makes Beilein a top-15 coach in America. He’s arguably the best at drawing up deadball plays. Make no doubt about it, this was a set play.


March, man. It’s the best.