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Kyle Snyder Finishes Off A Legendary Collegiate Career With A Third Straight National Championship


Unbelievable. Kyle Snyder wins a third-straight National Championship at Heavyweight while being sixty fucking pounds under the weight limit, defeating Adam Coon to do so, who was the only man to hand him a loss in the last three years. The dramatics were there, the stage was set, and the Buckeye didn’t disappoint. The entire match was a great chess match where Coon obviously had a RIDICULOUS weight advantage on Snyder, but you’d honestly never know that from their exchanges. Snyder displayed some of his absurd freak strength throughout and scored a beautiful throw with 24 seconds left in the third round to take the lead, becoming the first heavyweight to secure three NCAA Division 1 titles in a row since 1989.

I don’t follow collegiate wrestling as nearly closely as I’d like to, probably just because it’s not the easiest to get your eyes on all the time, but March Matness and Kyle Snyder in-particular always move the needle for me and this year was no different. It’s a fantastic tournament and at this level gives me, a die-hard MMA fan, a glimpse as to what the future of my favorite sport could look like in a few years. Fingers crossed after Tokyo 2020, Kyle.

As a little bonus, here’s the best scramble of the weekend:

…and here’s the electric moment Penn State secured their team title:


I don’t know why I hate Penn State but I do. Just being honest here. I don’t follow college football or basketball at all outside of bowl games and March Madness, so I have no reason to even dislike Penn, but it’s just engrained in me. Maybe it’s the Sandusky shit. No idea. Still gonna hate on ‘em though.