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Villanova Struts Into The Sweet 16...Their Season Can Now Begin

DOMINATION. Nova spanked Alabama behind Great Valley’s 3rd finest alumni (coming for that ass, Adam McKay) Mikal Bridges’ 23 points. WVU or Marshall is going to be shaking in their boots come this Sweet 16. While conquering the Big East Tourney en route to a championship through now, Villanova is playing with the confidence and swagger they had when they won it all 2 years ago. And that is SCARY. That year they beat Oklahoma by 40 points, 91-51…in the FINAL FREAKING FOUR. Expect them to keep playing with this moxie down the stretch. Why? Because Jay Wright has gone from being the butt of internet rumors of allegedly knocking up a coed every semester to being the savviest coach in all the land. The man is very prepared to lead this squad to two titles in three years.

Philadelphia is on a winning streak, and now Philly(ish) is working on carrying the torch to the promise land. Again. Now quit doing your job, go back to sleep, and leave the college basketball reporting up to Reags, Smitty, you worthless blockheaded dingledick. Bang!