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Jets Trade Up To The 3rd Pick

Monster move by the Jets, giving up a decent amount to move up 3 slots. A rare situation where I think both teams win. For the Colts, its a great haul. They already have a QB (technically). They still get to select at 6 and land an impact player, and in return they get a slew of picks.

On the other side of things, the Jets are now ensured that one of Allen, Darnold or Mayfield will be available to them. So they’ll probably draft a Defensive lineman or another defensive back and make all their fans want to jump off the goddam George Washington Bridge! No but all kidding aside (Realistically, half-kidding aside. The Jets are capable of ANYTHING when they are on the clock) this signals that they will be coming home with one of those three guys. Logic and fate and the universe would dictate that whoever goes 1, 2, and 4 will be Hall of Famers and whichever quarterback the Jets choose will be completely washed out of the league in like 3 years. Thats just how it goes. They’ll all be legends, and the third pick will be the answer to a depressing trivia night question at the bar with your buddies.


But bottom line is A) They have ensured that one of the supposedly top tier QBs will be available 2) They only sweetened the pot with a bunch of 2nd round picks, which ordinarily is a valuable point in the draft but the Jets squander those picks 1000000% of the time, so in a weird, roundabout Jets way, those picks are actually basically free. And D) Saquon Barkley is guaranteed to be the greatest football player of all time. Because he’s either going to be selected right before the Jets, or he’ll be available to them at 3, but the Jets will be trying to fulfill their never ending quest to find a quarterback and they’ll pass on him, thereby ensuring his football immortality.

I suppose there is that possibility though that they take Saquon. In which case, I’m sorry dude. I’m so so sorry. There’s probably only one thing in this world that can stop Saquon Barkley from being a savage on the football field, and thats wearing Green and White.

So all in all, its a major, ballsy move by the Jets with major implications for several teams and players, but in all likelihood the end result is the Jets finding another guy who can take them to 8-8. But, at least we’re trying. At least we’re making moves and attempting to break this cycle of loser QBs. It probably isnt, but maybe it is! And thats all we can get excited about these days. The 2018 Jets: Probably not, but Maybe! Its easier to just say “Goddam”