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Danny Ainge Is Already Up To His Old Tricks


Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this has nothing to do whatsoever with Danny Ainge. Jayson Tatum was the Gatorade National Player Of The Year last year, and that’s why he is the one giving this award. Also throw in the Duke connection and it makes sense. But my friend, you are not paying attention. If you remember, when Tatum won the award, things were a little different


A much more traditional announcement. Now, I’m to believe the same team that employs this fine young talent which also happens to own a high lottery pick in next years draft when a certain someone is expected to enter the NBA didn’t come up with the idea to have Tatum be the one to hand him the award? This is Ainge we’re talking about, the guy is writing the book on having his players recruit

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Between this and the direct pipeline to Duke that the Celtics have thanks to their co-owner Stephen Pagliuca you may as well just let RJ Barrett enter the league now. His future as a member of the Boston Celtics is all but a foregone conclusion. When Ainge sets his sights on a player and sends his guys out to recruit, it almost never fails.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Ainge start to plant the seed early either. Anyone else remember this picture?


Fuckin Danny Ainge man, the guy is always 10 steps ahead. Love it.