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Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Claims She Was Physically Threatened To Stay Quiet


**18s mark on above video**

Trump’s team has done just an unbelievable job taking that man and getting him elected President of the United States, but boy oh boy have they fuck up this Stormy Daniels thing. WHAT ARE THEY DOING?! Oh you’re telling me billionaire real estate reality TV star Donald Trump was banging porn stars at golf outings in the mid-2000s? WHO CARES! Of course he bangs porn stars and Playboy Playmates. That’s literally the sole purpose of his life, to achieve a level of fame and wealth to frequently bang porn stars and playmates. Yes he was recently married and I think Melania was preggers with Barron, but outside of maybe Melania, who the hell would be surprised or care or change their vote over this? Who the hell would have their previous opinions and thoughts of the type of person Donald Trump is changed by this story? Nobody. Zero people.

They never should’ve paid the hush money. They never should’ve fought to cover this up. The most fascinating thing about Watergate is that the actual Watergate break-in wasn’t THAT big of a deal. The break-in was something Nixon could’ve survived; it was the cover up that revealed the depths of the administration’s terrible ethics. It was the cover up that created a complex web of lies, corruption, and deceit from which Nixon could not escape.

Nobody knows how much of the Stormy story is true or not. Her lawyer is on TV left and right and there’s a good chance this all ends not with a full disclosure of the facts but rather with a big pay day for he and his client. But the fact that it’s potentially true Stormy Daniels was physically threatened by the President of the United States’ guys to keep quiet about banging Trump 12 years ago is such a fuck up from Team Trump. How did they let it get to this point?

Set the DVRs.