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Introducing The Sexiest 80-Year-Old Man I've Ever Seen: Sobhi Mohamed The Egyptian Body Builder

Goodness, gracious. I know what you are thinking and I agree. He didnt go all the way up and all the way down on his pull-ups so those wouldnt count on a Marine Corps Fitness Test but this is about looks, not combat readiness.

Sobhi, my man. You have motivated me again. I forgot that I was supposed to start working out this week but I am now reminded once more. Monday starts the new me. I wanna look like Sobhi when I’m 80. I wanna be ripping sets and talkin about the good ole days with my younger gym pals. We’d be just sitting around in the steam room and sipping on some post-workout drinks that were packed with electrolytes. It wouldn’t be Gatorade, though. There’s too much sugar in Gatorade. I’d have to watch the sugar because of my diabetes.

I’d look at the younger fellas and say, “Eric, glad to see you back at the gym, you fucking pussy.” Steve and Tom would laugh.


“Haha, Chaps. Glad to be back. The wife just had our baby and we’re getting settled. It’s tough adjusting to being parents and taking care of your health when you’re tired all the time.”

“I hear that. I’ll pray for you about that, Eric.”

“Thanks, Chaps.”

“I’ll also pray that your son doesnt end up a huge pussy like you.”

Everyone loses their shit and Eric starts crying. What a bitch.