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Nothing Says Love (Or I Want To Die) Quite Like Giving Your Wife A Kidney For Your Anniversary

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Fox 5 - For their 23rd wedding anniversary, Cesar Calle gave his wife Monica a kidney.

The couple from Weston, Florida, spoke to reporters Tuesday about their Feb. 19 surgeries, which took five hours, at Memorial Regional Hospital. It was the first successful live donor kidney transplant at the Hollywood hospital where Monica Calle works.

Medical team leader Dr. Juan Arenas says it’s unusual to find a match between spouses. Monica Calle agreed, saying she feels “like I just won the lottery.”

It took 30 health care workers to get the couple through the process and they actually went home from the hospital early.


At first glance you would think this was the gift of love. A man giving his bride his kidney for their 23rd anniversary. But on second glance, I’m very woke to this.

After reading into this, it’s never been more clear: This dude was hoping for the worst. Look at the details- It was the first “successful” kidney transplant at that hospital. Which makes me wonder…how many were unsuccessful? The husband certainly knew. Then the fact they needed “30 health care workers” to get through the surgery. Sounds like a lotttt of doctors who had a lottttt on their hands. Basically, our dude Cesar found his out, and somehow it backfired on him because they both lived. Brutal! Imagine how pissed he was when he woke up and realized he wasn’t in heaven bathing in golden fountains with girls in bikinis, but instead in Florida, without a kidney, and both him and his wife were healthy as a horse. Not even a malpractice lawsuit to live off of, and still married. Absolutely devastating. Now he has to put on a fake smile and thumbs up and act like the plan went perfectly, when you know he’s dying deep down inside.