Real Headline - Woman Shares Her Story After She Ripped Out Her Eyes With Her Bare Hands

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Kaylee Muthart, a 20-year-old from South Carolina, opens up about what her life has been like after she gouged out both of her eyes while high on methamphetamine last month. She said: “Life’s more beautiful now, life’s more beautiful than it was being on drugs. It is a horrible world to live in.”

Day is over, hell yeah, feet up on the couch, let’s dick around on the internet until we fall asleep.

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Okay well, we tried, and that’s all anyone can ask.

For real though this story is TERRIFYING.   Probably the number one, all time top power ranked reason to never do meth.

This girl was a straight A student who lost her job, her boyfriend, and became addicted to drugs, taking ecstasy and snorting/injecting meth.  She was also a very religious Christian and her favorite high activity was reading the Bible.  Which leads up to:

Concerned about her daughter’s mental health and drug use, Muthart’s mother encouraged her to enter rehab or a psychiatric treatment facility. Her mother recorded a conversation during which her daughter said she didn’t “want to be in this world.” Her mom hoped to use the recording to obtain a court order to commit Muthart to a facility. The next day, Muthart bought more drugs and that night she used more than she had ever used before.

After injecting a large dose of methamphetamine, Muthart started hallucinating and believed she had to sacrifice her eyes in order to save the world. So she did.

Muthart was high and wandering along a railroad track on her way to her church when she thought God was asking her to make a sacrifice. Numb to pain from the drugs, she gouged out her eyes, and it took several men to subdue her before paramedics arrived and sedated her.

After Muthart was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for her injuries, she was transferred to a psychiatric facility. It was there where she was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder and prescribed antipsychotic medication. [BF]

Sitting on the railroad tracks, taking your hands, and ripping your eyeballs out of your face.  That’s what fucking meth can do to you.  Wasn’t planning on trying it but if there were ever a cautionary tale, that would be the one – call me a pussy if you want to, but if I wake up with no eyes because I pulled them out of my skull with my thumb and index finger, I’m gonna be fucking upset.

Glad Kaylee is okay and is recovering.

Stick to weed kids.