Local Raleigh Sportscaster Gives An Excellent Recap Of Last Night's Bruins v Canes Game

Long live local news!

I remember when I was in college I had the NHL Center Ice package and my roommate, a Dallas native and Stars fan, refused to watch Bruins games with me because he thought Jack and Brick were too biased. Good! That’s what they’re supposed to be! That’s what makes local broadcasts fun.

Local news should be the echo chamber that we always complain Twitter is. All your teams are the best, they never lose, all your accents aren’t just you sounding dumb when you say words. You should feel very comfortable and safe watching local shit. I wish the Boston people did this. I wish I never saw Brady fumble a football and the Super Bowl highlights ended with that Gronk touchdown that I texted my dad “Ballgame.” after. That’s the world I want to live in, the same world Mark Armstrong was in last night where your team doesn’t fuck things up. That’s what Thomas More was really getting at in Utopia. 


If you’d like the full highlights you can find those here, on this footage that North Carolina lawmakers recently made illegal