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Gene Chizik Going on College Spring Break With His Two Daughters Might Be The Worst Idea in the History of Thought


If you’re Gene Chizik’s two twin daughters here you simply cannot go on this trip. You find out Gene wants to be a helicopter dad and “supervise” your Spring Break trip you have to fake being sick and take the L here. Unless this is the lamest Spring Break resort on the planet (it’s not because it’s in Mexico) you just can’t have your dad there with you. Gene does not come off to me as that cool dad who can hang with the young folk either. I’m going to assume Gene had a few issues with some of the guys on this trip based off of prior tweets.

Also a day into the trip he tweeted this

Calling on God one day into your daughters’ college Mexico trip is probably a bad sign you made a mistake in going. If I have a daughter there’s no amount of money you could pay me to go on this type of trip. The things that happen in those pools are indescribable. It’s a college orgy fest filled with unlimited alcohol I mean what do you expect? Everyone is half-naked the entire time, there’s raging music 24/7, and it’s a mad house. I’d rather get stabbed in a chest as a father than go on this trip.

Also I’m willing to bet a former opposing coach was lurking somewhere. Well hello Lane….

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