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Woman Wanted For Doing A Pee On A Driveway And Then Burglarizing A Home



This is when Stoolies really come in clutch. If you recognize this woman, who is an absolute unit, give the crime stoppers a call. We cant have people stealing ipads and emptying their bladders all over the driveway in the city that our beloved Jaguars call home.

Be on the lookout at local medical centers where a large lass might be complaining about having an itchy vagina. When the ladies dont wipe, it, meaning the vagina, gets itchy. Sometimes it can cause a yeast infection which is treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are not available over the counter UNLESS you take fish pills.


Those fish pills have the same active ingredients as Amoxicillin. What an incredible life hack for those of you without medical insurance. Fish pills.