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I'd Say It's Not Ideal That Aaron Rodgers Liked a Tweet Throwing Shade At The Packers Releasing Jordy Nelson

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The moment Jordy got released yesterday I prayed that Rodgers was at least on board with this. Just hoped they would tell their all-world quarterback that his favorite target BY FAR was no longer going to be on the team. Look at the stats these two put up together…


The reason I say that is because Rodgers went on ESPN’s Golic and Wingo Show a little while ago and voiced his displeasure of Green Bay letting go his quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt who he had a close relationship with.

“Well, my quarterback coach didn’t get retained,” Rodgers said when asked for specifics. “I thought that was an interesting change, really without consulting me. There’s a close connection between quarterback and quarterback coach, and that was an interesting decision.”

I feel like if I’m a team in the middle of contract negotiations with the icon of my franchise I’m going to do as little as possible to piss him off and rub him the wrong way. Letting go one of his closest friends on the team who he works on a daily basis would be high on my list of avoiding. Another would be letting go a receiver who he’s so in sync with it’s like they have telepathic powers. Rodgers is known to be a guy that keeps his circle very small and his true emotions/opinions close to the vest. It’s the way he’s always been, some players who he played with for years never even got his cell phone number because that’s who he is. Jordy Nelson was clearly a guy he was boys with and a release like this, especially if he wasn’t told about it, would be the LAST thing I would do. Aaron and Jordy had a thing they would do before games where they would spin two footballs and see whose could last the longest.

Little things like that are over and you just pray he had an idea this was coming. A simple like on a tweet can mean a billion things. He could’ve just found it funny or it could be one of those petty, throwing shade at the new GM for such a move. I pray it’s the former otherwise this organization could fall flat on its head in a hurry.