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One Handed MMA Fighter Nick Newell Is Once Again Taking The World By Storm With Another Dominant Win

If you’ve never seen Nick Newell fight, you’ve been missing out. Not just as a fight fan, but as a human being looking to see some seriously inspirational shit. Nick’s got one hand and he’s been a professional mixed martial artist for almost nine years, and a damn good one at that. He is currently 14-1, with his only loss coming at the hands (sorry) of Justin Gaethje back in 2014, which was a crazy fight where he actually rocked Gaethje early. Over the past weekend he made his return to the cage after a three year layoff and there wasn’t even any semblance of ring rust. Newell submitted Sonny Luque with a neck crank at 2:10 of the very first round, and now the conversation about him potentially entering the UFC has sparked up due to his post-fight interview where he said the following:

“Life is a cold hard place. It will chew you up and spit you out,” Newell said. “But if you make it your bitch, you can do anything. You can either become a victim of circumstances or you can create your own. I’m out here, I’m creating my own circumstances.


“I’m one of the best fighters in the world and I belong in the UFC. That’s it. That’s final. I gave you 14 reasons why I belong in the UFC. I’m one of the best fighters in the world and I proved it 14 times.”

Personally, I respect the ever living fuck out of Nick Newell, and think that watching him fight is one of the most fun things the sport has to offer. That being said, I understand the hesitation from the UFC as signing him could be a real issue PR-wise like many have already pointed out. If he comes in and gets his ass whooped then Dana White’s getting attacked from all angles for letting a one-handed guy in the octagon.

Here’s my solution: sign him at Welterweight (170lbs) NOT Lightweight (155lbs & what he fights at) and put him against CM Punk in Chicago. Punk can’t possibly hurt him but to the mainstream audience, they’d think Punk finally had a shot in a fight, and the intrigue is through the roof. It’s a win win win win.

Here’s some highlights from Newell’s career…