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Breaking News - The Barstool App Has Been Updated And It's So Good

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Barstool Sports: not known for our technology.  It’s a reputation that we’ve carried with us since the first day we launched.   Shit always breaking, crashing, not working.  “The Barstool Difference.”

Then we got a bunch of money.  Then we got an office.  Then we got a second floor to that office, that we stocked with the smartest people we could find, who actually know what they’re doing.  That know how to build stuff and design stuff and make stuff work.  While me Dave and Big Cat were up here pounding on our keyboards clicking F9 over and over again, we got people who actually make a living in technology to handle ours.

Then came the latest edition of the Barstool App.  The piece of shit we used to have that crashed every single time you opened it was suddenly smooth, sleek, and amazingly: functional.  I love our app.  Judging by the ratings a LOT of people love our app.  But it still hasn’t been perfect.

Now?  Introducing the best update yet.  3 main features that you guys have been specifically clamoring for, all added.


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Just like we have the Shows page on the desktop site, the new app has Playlists featuring all your favorite franchises in one place.   I fell behind on some of Donnie’s videos so I spent Sunday morning binge watching him just like I was on Netflix.   Instead of bingeing The Office you can now binge the real unscripted The Office with Stool Scenes.  All your favorite video content in one place, easily watchable.

Chromecast and AirPlay

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Probably the #1 thing I get asked about.  When are we adding Chromecast and AirPlay.  The answer is – right now.  Chromecast and AirPlay fully supported in the video playlists I just told you about, so you can shoot all our videos straight to your big screen with one click.

Game changer.

Live Commenting On Events


Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.46.03 PM

A brand new live video experience.  Real time commenting.  Real time viewer count.  Have a conversation about Rough and Rowdy right there on the same screen.  Nothing like talking shit to us in real time.  I know how much you guys love that shit.

Those are the 3 big ones.  Obviously there’s a bunch more stuff like simple enhancements, fixes, improvements, cleanups.

You’re gonna love it.  Viva.