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Sam Bradford Is Reportedly Signing A 1 Year, $20 Million Deal With The Arizona Cardinals

Sam Bradford, come on down! You are the next contestant on Who Will Be The Cardinals Starting QB That Gets Hurt During What Could Be Larry Fitzgerald’s Last Season As A Pro?

Sam Bradford takes a lot of shit because his long sleeves make him look like an asshole and he hasn’t played a full season since before Big Cat was a Barstool employee. But Bradford was probably the best QB left on the market and his numbers have actually been good when he was on the field. His stats in that 29-19 win over the Saints in Week 1 of last season look even better now than it did then since it turned out the Saints defense wasn’t a pile of trash for the first time in forever.


And again, when he is healthy, his numbers say that he is a more than adequate quarterback.


via Pro Football Reference


The biggest problem is that damn G column, which sources tell me stands for Games. For comparison’s sake, here are the stats of another player from the 2010 NFL Draft that gets injured a lot. Mr. Rob Gronkowski.


22 games more than Bradford in the same time frame as well as almost a full season in the playoffs compared to Bradford’s 0.


So signing Bradford to a short but expensive contract is probably the best case scenario for both sides. He gives the Cardinals at least a chance to compete in what appears to be a rock solid NFC West until his body taps out. Again.

And while I am here, I ask Justin Pugh (I know you are reading this instead of perfecting your craft) to convince Dave Gettleman that drafting a QB may be in the Giants best interest at the 2 pick, unless the G-Men want to participate in the very expensive game of Quarterback Roulette whenever Eli retires. Based on the track records of most of the teams that sign these quarterbacks every March, I think I’d rather take a chance on a guy in the draft and just pray to fucking God we hit at least a double on him instead of chasing the dragon with whatever free agent QBs actually hit the market. Including ones with bones that are more brittle than KFC’s getting paid $20 million.

P.S. A reminder to all the parents out there that will let their kids play football, make sure you raise your kid to be a quarterback.



via Sportrac