It's Still Early In The Season, But Salisbury Lacrosse Leads The Nation In Choreographed Bench Celebrations

Salisbury already has 2 losses on the year. A double overtime loss to Gettysburg followed up by an overtime loss to OWU. That’s as many as they’ve had in the last two seasons combined. As somebody who has gotten their ass kicked by Salisbury before, this pleases me. But this past weekend, the Seagulls got back on track by knocking off Stevenson and the bench mob put on quite possibly the most dominant performance of the season.

When it comes to bench mobs in the month of March, most people immediately go to college basketball. Salisbury is here to remind everybody that lacrosse benches go just as hard, if not harder. That sweet chin music was delivered beautifully. And here’s the thing–it was cold as fuck this past weekend. It’s easy for basketball benches to go wild as heck when they’re indoors. But a lacrosse team playing outside in early March? You’re freezing your dick off. Especially if you’re stuck on the sideline for the entire game. You try standing on the sidelines for an entire lacrosse game in 40 degree weather wearing shorts, and then try to pull off a sweet chin music. I doubt you’d be able to get your leg up anywhere even close to your hip. But our guy over here gets full extension and it’s delivered to perfection. Add the people’s elbow and the pull ups to the mix, and the Salisbury Seagulls bench mob is without a doubt a national championship contender. Despite a few minor setbacks early in the season.