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Hey Golf You Forgot To Change The Stupid Rule Forcing People To Hit Balls Out Of Fairway Divots

BMW Championship Day 3

Hey golf you big dummies you forgot to address the fairway divot situation. All these cool rule changes and you forget the most important one. The fact that one must hit out of a small hole in the fairway created by a previous golfer if his/her ball rolls into a divot is the dumbest rule in sports. It makes no sense. Look, the fairway is the target. It’s an incredibly important part of the game, hitting the ball in the fairway, and doing so should not come with a punishment. Golf’s hard as hell as is yet we’re letting players get punished for hitting it exactly where they’re supposed to hit it? It’s crazy. It’s this weird, 100% chance thing that could easily be avoided, yet for some reason golf refuses to avoid it. If you hit it into the wrong side of the fairway and end up blocked out by a tree or something, that’s one thing. You knew that tree was there and you’re getting punished for hitting it where you’re not supposed to. But hitting a great drive or layup to a common layup area — which is literally the target you’re supposed to be hitting it into — and getting brutally punished for it by having your ball roll into a hole made by another golfer is so unbelievably stupid… and avoidable. No one wants a match or a tournament to come down to the 18th hole and be decided by one person ending up in a divot, and the other not, from two equally successful tee shots. It’s a dogshit rule with a simple fix — play it as ground under repair. You get relief and drop your ball in the fairway no closer to the hole.


You should be rewarded for good shots not punished, and while golf cannot control the inevitability of bad bounces, it can control this rule and eliminate a criminally unfortunate and 100% chance punishment from screwing over good shots.

Do the right thing, golf. It’s a no brainer.