The Kirk Cousins-To-The-Jets Dream Is Dead


And so ends the Kirk Cousins to the Jets dream. It was always a longshot with a Super Bowl contender like the Vikings looming, but there was that glimmer of hope that the Jets were actually going to have a consistent option under center. Now beggars cant be choosers. I cant sit here and rant and rave about how the Jets can never seem to solve their quarterback problem and then turn my nose up at Kirk Cousins when hes available. The dude is way better than any option we’ve had in the last, oh, I dunno, a billion years. But I dont think hes the franchise cornerstone and the answer we desperately are searching for. That woulda been 90+ million dollars for the Jets to probably go 9-7, at best. Its not like hes the final missing piece to an otherwise Championship caliber team. Its not like the Jets window to win is the next couple years. Kirk could do his thing and the Jets are still a middle of the road team, scrapping for a Wild Card since the Evil Empire and Tommy Botox are still out there doing their thing.


It would be nice to not be an offensive laughing stock. It would be nice to know exactly what you’re getting from your QB on any given Sunday. But at the cost of at least 84 million (minimum), and being realistic about where it puts the team, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

PS – Shout out to Mr. You Like that for grabbing a fully guaranteed deal in the NFL. Players Union is probably over the fucking moon. Owners everywhere shitting their pants. In a league where the players are completely at the mercy of the owners and their own bodies, grabbing 86 milli guaranteed no matter what is a huge deal.