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Cancun Cops Suspended For Posing For Pictures With Two Beautiful, Topless Women on the Beach. Very Unfair!

Daily Mail

Three state police officers have been suspended after posing for pictures with topless women on a beach in Cancun. Images of the trio cavorting with the sunbathing ladies were circulated across social media over the weekend. The men, members of the local State Police, were wearing body armor and carrying machine guns at the time. The woman are believed to be tourists but their nationality is unclear.

Initially, police refused to investigate the incident because they were unaware of the facts. However, last night the Ministry of Public Security of Quintana Roo reported it had launched an internal investigation into the incident.

How on Earth are you going to blame these cops for taking these pictures? Imagine you’re standing on this beach and two gorgeous TOPLESS females approach you asking for a picture with a man in uniform. You’re really going to say no? Get the fuck out of here. We’re really going to suspend these guys because they didn’t have their rifles ready to murder a bunch of frats bros who were arguing about the rules of beer pong on the beach? It’s not like they were doing blown off their stomachs or a butt luge. It’s a goddamn picture.

There are zero rules in Cancun or the Dominican in the month of March. It’s pure chaos and the single worst job in the world this time of the year has to be a cop on the beach. You don’t want to be the fun police while all these college kids have the time of their lives. Everyone knows a woman LOVES man in uniform looking all official and there are countless beautiful, horny women on this beach at any given moment. Fuck the Ministry of Public Security of Quintana Roo, these guys got screwed. Now that they’re suspended I hope they go find these girls and party it up. I need to get to Cancun STAT.