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The First Domino Falls As Case Keenum Will Sign With Denver

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ESPN - For the second time in the last seven years the Denver Broncos have roared into free agency to fix a quarterback problem.

In 2012 it was Peyton Manning and this year it’s Case Keenum.

Sources tell ESPN’s Adam Schefter the Broncos will reel in the 30-year-old Keenum to be their quarterback of the present and the future when free agency officially opens Wednesday.

Keenum is expected to become the first of the high-profile quarterbacks in the open market to agree to a deal.

The Broncos also considered Kirk Cousins and had some discussions about Teddy Bridgewater, who was a teammate of Keenum’s this past season with the Minnesota Vikings.

The birds chirping. The days getting longer. And NFL teams taking gambles on NFL free agents. The true signs that Spring is officially here. Sure the Northeast is getting dumped on with enough snow to *insert witty analogy here*, but if Case Keenum being the savior of the Denver Broncos isn’t the official start of Spring, I don’t know what is.


I sneaky love what the Broncos have been doing at QB over the last few seasons. Drafting the Brocketship in the 2nd round in 2012, drafting Trevor Siemian in the 7th round in 2015 and giving him 24 starts over 2 seasons, meanwhile also drafting Paxton Lynch in the first round in 2016 and immediately giving up on him, and now bringing in Case Keenum, who had an unbelievable season this last year for the Vikings after 4 bad to very bad seasons for the Texans and Rams before it.

Will Keenum be another flash in the pan QB who lights it up for one season, gets paid huge, and then regresses back to the mean? Or is he the real deal? And will the Broncos just draft another QB for the fun of it?

Meanwhile, Kirk (in my opinion) is all but guaranteed to sign with the Vikings, leaving the Jets wondering who will actually sing with them. Teddy Bridgewater? Sam Bradford? Would be kinda wild to see Drew Brees in New York. Or maybe…just maybe they give the call to Colin…nahhhh. Let’s not start down that path again. Those were fun blogs though. Great bit.