An Allegedly High Driver Went Full Grand Theft Auto On The Streets Of Miami Before People Started Smashing His Windows With Fists And A Hammer

(Source)- A man who was arrested Sunday in connection with a hit-and-run crash in Miami appeared to be high on narcotics, an arrest report stated. According to the report, Maxwell Lagutenko, 25, was driving north Sunday on Biscayne Boulevard when he crossed the median and struck an oncoming vehicle that was heading south on Biscayne Boulevard near Northeast 34th Street.

Police said Lagutenko was arrested after a Fire Rescue crew that was treating him stopped at the crash site and asked the officer who was taking the accident report whether their patient was involved in the crash. According to the arrest report, Lagutenko was evaluated at Jackson Memorial Hospital before being taken to jail, where he is being held in lieu of a $5,000 bond. He faces charges of fleeing and eluding police, leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage and reckless driving.

Ahhhhh Miami, Florida. A city associated with recreational drug use and a state associated with absolute anarchy potentially breaking out at any given moment. How stuff like this isn’t filmed in Miami every day is beyond me. There should be highlights like this coming out of there every other day like 2015 Steph Curry.


Now I’m sure if you lived through this, it was terrifying. A dude clearly blasted to another planet whipping around a car that looks like it went through a war zone. But watching it on video was a thrill ride for me. Mostly because video games have blurred the line between reality and fantasy and this looked just like a game of Grand Theft Auto. In this case, it appeared the driver couldn’t get out of the car because it was tied to the GTA mission and if he hit any cars or people, he was going to get those dreaded police stars, which would led to failing said mission. It didn’t matter how many angry civilians were around him, this guy was not going to start the mission from scratch again. If you watch the video through those parameters, it was a wild success.

The other fascinating part of this video is seeing how different people reacted to everything going down. You had many people sitting in their cars doing nothing, others trying to cut him off so he couldn’t do anymore damage, a few crazy heroes going right up to his windshield to stop him, and the MVP of the whole thing filming this scene so it would make the internet.

And then we had the star of the video, Hammer Guy.

Hammer Guy came out swinging with the tool of Fix It Felix, the mentality of Wreck It Ralph, and the outfit of Cousin Murray. If you notice the way HG left his car, you could tell he clearly had that hammer sitting in his car for years and was waiting for the moment he could use it in a fight. And when the time came, so did he (figuratively of course). There was not an ounce of hesitation in his body once the spotlight landed on him. His actions were quick and to the point. He knew when chaos erupted in the streets, all rules and laws pretty much go out the window and anybody can become Triple H with a hammer. So hats off the all the civilians in this video that tried to stop this dude whose brain was clearly on Neptune when this all went down.

And Hammer Guy.

And the guy that recorded it all in landscape form so it was a nice, clean video.

And Miami for just being you.

h/t WEK